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Role-Playing Workshops

Deepen student learning and increase engagement

Have you considered a face-to-face workshop for social studies and/or English teachers at your school? David has led role-play workshops for teachers from over a dozen schools in New York City and is available for role-play workshops in the New York City region and beyond. These role-play sessions can help teachers at your school become more dynamic and student-centered educators who bring meaning, choice, and reflection into their classrooms.

Here is a description of David's role-play workshops:

Learn how to use role-play strategies to deepen student learning and to increase engagement. The workshop will model the use of role-play through historical events in Weimar Germany and through moments in literature in Steinbeck's The Pearl. With role-play, we can get students to act out stories, provide advice, make tough choices, and reflect upon their decisions. The methodology presented in the workshop can be applied to countless historical events and works of literature. Workshop participants will experience the role-plays, reflect on the strategies, and also discuss the process of creating new role-plays to fit into our existing curricula.

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